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Factory Turbo Toyota Vitz

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Factory Turbo Toyota Vitz

littledrifter littledrifter
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 02/16/07
01:17 PM




"Unveiled at recent Tokyo Auto Salon - a motor show that gives Japanese makers the chance to let their hair down - the Turbo Modellista is set to go on sale in its home market in the next few months, and previews a European version. Based on the Japan-only Yaris RS, it uses a 1.5-litre engine turbocharged Modellista, and Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

Power is increased by 40bhp to 150bhp at 6,000rpm, and with 196Nm of torque, the newcomer should cover 0-60mph in less than eight seconds on its way to a 135mph top speed.

The looks are enhanced by a muscular bodykit, with large intakes at the front to feed air into the intercooler, plus 17-inch OZ Racing alloys. Inside, the Turbo Concept gets specially designed instrumentation, which includes a turbo boost gauge, plus a leatherbound steering wheel and gearknob."

Daily Driver Anyone?  

puggy puggy
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/07
Posted: 09/14/07
07:54 AM

? i have the 2005 rs 1500cc and i want to supercharge it #1 what is the best charger to buy . #2 where #3which is better super or turbo . my mechenic say it is easer to supercharge than turbocharge because of the exhaust system can you advise me  .
thanking oyu in advance,

durrani7009 durrani7009
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Posted: 04/27/08
01:32 AM

i have 2004 Rs 1500cc and iam looking for turbo charger from can i buy it advise me