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Scion reveals Hako Coupe Concept in NYC

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Scion reveals Hako Coupe Concept in NYC

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Posted: 04/23/08
01:18 AM

Scion — Toyota's youth brand — took the wraps off of its latest concept Wednesday at the New York Auto Show. Dubbed the Hako Coupe, the concept was designed by Scion's Tokyo Design Division and is intended to reflect "youth-inspired trends."

The Hako Coupe's shape is unmistakably Scion, but its unusual design will no doubt have a polarizing effect. According to Jack Hollis, Scion vice president, the Hako Concept's look is supposed to be that of a "sporty version of a box." Maybe Hollis confused ugly with sporty.

The front of the car is highlighted — if you can call it that — by LED headlights, a large upper grille and smaller lower grille. In profile, the Hako Coupe has shape similar to that of an armored truck.

Outback, the concept features LED taillights and backup lights integrated into the car's exhaust. The Hako Coupe's roof is comprised of a barcode pattern, but Scion execs say one day you might be able to chose the roof's display — from messages to images.

Inside, the Hako Concept has a design theme inspired by gaming, and uses many rubber materials for easy cleaning. LCD monitors are integrated into the concept's front head rests.

A Bluetooth connection allows music or video files to be uploaded to the Scion’s entertainment system, which is comprised of two video monitors on the dash, with a centrally-mounted roller-ball acting as the interface. There are more screens on each doors and in the rear side walls displaying images from a-pillar mounted cameras that point outside.

Scion remains open-minded about building or redesigning the Hako. “We'll listen to the feedback from this concept to help us determine how our brand could evolve and grow over the next five years," said Hollis.

There have been rumors that the Hako Coupe could replace the Scion xA, but we hope they stay just as that — rumors.

Source: Left Lane News

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