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New powertrain to launch in Chevrolet Malibu on Thursday

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New powertrain to launch in Chevrolet Malibu on Thursday

antidote antidote
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Posted: 04/23/08
01:19 AM

The Chevrolet Malibu has only been on the market for six months, but the mid-size sedan is about to receive a major update. On April 24th, General Motors will finally launch a four-cylinder six-speed automatic version of the Malibu.

The range-toping LTZ and up level 2LT models will come standard with the powertrain, while the Malibu 1LT will offer the setup as an option.

According to General Motors, the addition of the six-speed automatic transmission will improve the Malibu's fuel mileage by 2 mpg, bumping its EPA ratings to 22/32 city/highway.

"With this new model, the Malibu lineup offers an unmatched range of powertrains, technology and amenities," Chevrolet head Ed Peper said.

According to Automotive News, Malibus sales are currently split 40 percent four-cylinder and 60 percent six-cylinder, but the new powertrain is expected to shift the mix to 30/70. Helping to achieve that mix, the new powertrain will retail for $1,200 less than a comparably equipped V6 Malibu.

Source: Left Lane News

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turbonium turbonium
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Posted: 04/24/08
03:58 AM

I don`t see any mention of a Turbo in the above post/article.
Did I miss something? Crazy  
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