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91 talon 4G63T (turbo) FWD high performance build???

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91 talon 4G63T (turbo) FWD high performance build???

metalluther metalluther
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/01/09
03:13 AM

So i have never worked on a tuner before, iv done alot of V8 stuff and i am a tech, but seeing as how i have no experiance with tuners i thought i would start here.
a friend of mine bought a 91 talon 4G63T (turbo) FWD. and he asked me if i would rebuild it for street racing.
the budget i have to work with is about $7,000
and that has to include a new trans and clutch.
i was thinking about dished pistons, a bigger turbo, bigger cam, better rockers/valve springs, ecu upgrade, bigger injecters, and update the ignition system.

ik he said $7000 but ik it will cost more for all of what i put up there. so what i want to know is where am i going to get the best bang for my buck since i have to pull the engine and rebuild it anyway i figured we mite as well update it and bore it as well.

any advice or ideas would be great...  

Hornet11 Hornet11
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 11/14/09
02:55 PM

That sounds about right! ECU ty to get the factory EPROM ECU. That can be tunned w/ DSMLink which will allow you to control just about EVERYTHING in your DSM. See if the Engine is a 6 bolt or a 7 bolt. 6 bolts are much stronger. Go w/ EVO injectors and 255 fuel pump. There is no need for Fuel management because the DSMLink if your fuel management. Also get Wide Band since DSMLink and Wide Band go like bread and butter. Turbo wise, you get get a lot from a EVO III Big 16G. W/ those little mods and your idea of rebuilding the Engine w/ the above mod, you should be putting lots of power down. Call it a Sleeper. Forget about Civics, you will be racing EVOS and Subies along w/ V8 powered cars. Good luck w/ your built!