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95 eclipse gst ???? Apexi Na And Turbo Timer ??

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95 eclipse gst ???? Apexi Na And Turbo Timer ??

alforrester alforrester
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/05/10
05:29 PM

95 eclipse gst


What should the settings be set at on the apexi timer for Na and Turbo?

We just bought the car and it has had some mod's done to it.
The following is what all was and still is on her when we bought her

(as far as we can tell)

Garret Turbo a/r 80 m24
Inter Cooler (greddy I think)                      
Sequintal Blow of valve
Manual Boost Control

There was a leak in the piping of the inter cooler so we removed the piping to fix it.    We are having trouble getting the car to restart now! Not sure what happened? Maybe the apexi settings?  Not sure what the apexi is supposed to be set at. Please help. Any suggestions would be awesome also any diagrams for re routing the inter cooler piping to keep it from being 2-4 inches of the ground and under my sub frame (if it is possible) would be very helpful!!