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Need Info on Honda D-series to B-series Transmission Swap

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Need Info on Honda D-series to B-series Transmission Swap

Jer_fall01 Jer_fall01
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/08
Posted: 12/31/08
10:23 AM

With reference to one of the featured cars in the magazine: 1992 Honda Civic CX Hatch - Not-So-Mellow Yellow 9.85 @ 145 Mph

A D-series to B-series transmission swap was done,to reinforce his EG's most well-documented weak point, the driveline. "D-series trannies just don't cut it," he explains. "They can't hold the power, and the shift for sh*t." A D- to B-series swap kit allows for the use of a GSR transmission.

1. What is needed for the swap?
2. Where can this kit be obtained?

Thanks in advance, any info obtained will be greatly appreciated.

Have a blessed, peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year.  

ehiddenidentity1 ehiddenidentity1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 01/22/09
11:40 AM

get ahold of SLOW MOTOIN performance shop they can get you anyhting you need  

SymtecX SymtecX
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/06/10
09:28 AM

i have called slow motion performance several times and they say they cant do a kit like that. do you have a contact number i may be calling the wrong place.