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Can I turbo or put a supercharger on this car?

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Can I turbo or put a supercharger on this car?

ljstella ljstella
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/31/09
06:36 PM

I drive a 2003 Subaru Outback Limited AWD sedan... can anyone help me find a supercharger or turbo kit for it? I'm not looking for a drag strip type of application, but more of a street application...  

Hornet11 Hornet11
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 11/14/09
03:00 PM

In these days you can boos any car. I am not sure about a turbo kit, but you can do a custom one! You will need some money, time, and patience, but is possible!  

mark_850t mark_850t
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/21/09
02:38 PM

You're looking at it the wrong way, IMO. Find a used WRX engine for a grand or so, or spend 5000 trying to do what you're talking about. Being that times are tough right now, you can find a complete, low-mile WRX engine with harness, turbo, etc, to drop right in CHEAP. Either that, or prepare to search for lower compression pistons, cam, turbo oil feed, turbo oil drain line, ecu, harness, turbo, intercooler, the list goes on.