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Crazy Over Cars?

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Crazy Over Cars?

ravendrake ravendrake
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 01/22/13
09:50 PM

Almost all of us are addicted to cars. When I was in my junior year I envy my friends who can drive top down cars, cool trucks, and sports wheels. Well, they belong to a rich family who can afford almost everything in this world. Since I am a member of a photography club in the university I'm in, my classmates let me take their pictures for free and post them through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I gained hundreds of followers and friends liking every photo of cars that I will post starting that moment.    

It would be great if I could have my own car that I can share to the world. Thanks to the free car photo sharing app that I saw on the internet. CarCrazee, is an exclusive photo sharing application for car buffs around the world. It has the same features of Twitter and Instagram where users can Zoom In (Follow) or Zoom Out (Unfollow) your account. It is compatible to iOS devices for the meantime. I've gone crazy over cars because of this!

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