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Compound boost question...

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Compound boost question...

DavidBoren DavidBoren
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 06/14
Posted: 06/16/14
09:54 AM

Found the article about the compound boost MR2 while researching, well, compound boost. I am not interested in twin-charging set-ups. I want to discuss compound boost systems.

I have a couple questions, the first of which is it only space limitations that keep people from intercooling the air between chargers? Plumbing in an air to air intercooler between the atmosphere turbo and the compound turbo, with an air to water intercooler before the intake seems like the best way to keep the temperature down.

Second question, has anyone ran a set of twin turbos on V-engines, running into an intercooled roots blower compounding the boost? If you ran each turbo through its own intercooler before they converge and enter the blower, you could probably get the intake temps at or below ambient even before the blower pushes it through its air to water intercooler.

This is purely a discussion of theory at this point. I am gathering information about this because I want to build a compound boost 2jz or 1uz, with the Lexus SC being the platform. On the inline engine (2jz) I am thinking about a large belt driven centrifugal supercharger feeding into a small single turbo. On the 1uz V8, I am thinking about the twin turbos feeding into the roots blower.

I haven't really decided on power goals, so I have not started researching what size of blowers to use. Just trying to get a firm grasp of the concept before diving into the specifics of turbo size selection.

I would love to hear from anyone with first hand experience with compound boost on gas engines. Driveability and reliability of the system are two concerns I have. I know I am not concerned about max boost or extreme horsepower. I want something I can drive on a daily basis, not a dyno-queen.